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Welcome to Body & Soul Wellness Studio!

My business was founded in Deloraine, Tasmania, during November 2018 when the studio space became available. It is the culmination of years of dedicated study and my strong passion for health, fitness, and wellbeing. All of my relevant qualifications equate to more than 5 years of full-time study.

Body & Soul Wellness Studio is a fitness studio and naturopathic clinic. My aim is to help people heal both physically and emotionally due to shifts in consciousness, a greater understanding of health, and how to achieve small but substantial changes to lifestyle, diet, and physical activity.

My studio is also 'just a gym' for those who what to come in and do their own program. I have a comprehensive range of weights and equipment suitable, even, for the serious bodybuilder or fitness fanatic.

How I Started

My health journey began as a child. Having a very health-conscious mother, I was raised on curried lentils and steamed vegetables. Junk food was totally foreign to me until I was 6! Despite my upbringing, I succumbed to overeating as an adult. After having my third child, I gained a substantial amount of weight.

By the time I was 38, I weighed 86.5 kg which, at 165 cm. tall, is not a healthy weight. More importantly, I was very unhappy with my body and myself. My self-esteem was extremely low, and I desperately needed help. Some may call it luck, others divine intervention, but I – quite by accident – stumbled upon a book that completely changed my attitude towards myself and life in general.

This book gave me everything I needed to make the move to contact a fitness trainer friend who put me on a gruelling but effective weight-loss program. I lost 26 kg in 6 months!

The weight-loss program was tough, but the real test is keeping it off. I have managed to maintain my weight, give or take a couple of kilos, other than when I became pregnant with my fourth child.

Working as a qualified fitness instructor, naturopath, and counsellor has allowed me to help myself and other people in my community. These make me, rather, unique as a health care professional. As a naturopath, I am qualified to give nutritional advice which if I were just a fitness instructor I wouldn't be. As a counsellor, I am qualified to offer counselling services that purely as a naturopath I wouldn't be.

I believe that, during my transformation, something 'clicked' in me – allowing me to see myself differently, love everything about myself, and accepting the good and the bad. I thank my body on a regular basis for what it has achieved and what it will achieve. Also, I have found peace within to allow me to live a healthy lifestyle. Now, I wish to give this wonderful gift to others through Body & Soul Wellness Studio.

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