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Discover Various Classes and Services

The Essential Steps to a Healthy and Happy Life

Love and accept yourself for what you are. Love and accept your body for what it is. You are beautiful and you are worthy! When you want to discover how you can change your life in positive ways, go to Body & Soul Wellness Studio in Deloraine, Tasmania. Here, I will be your friend and guide you through each step to living a healthier life.

My fitness classes are varied and available for all different fitness levels and ages groups. My classes are constantly changing; I don't stick to the one formula as this can become boring and uninspiring. I always strive to provide a comprehensive workout and the motivation required to leave you feeling sufficiently pooped!

My List of Classes

ABT (Abs, Butts, and Thighs)

Unapologetically 80s-inspired exercises that really get in ‘there’ and work! Strengthen your abdominal area, gluteal (butt), and thighs while enjoying the retro magic.


This class is a mixed bag of goodies! Each session is different every time. These workouts move from station to station, utilising the various equipment around the studio. Circuit also involves cardiovascular and strength building exercises.

Core-Centred Conditioning

No, this class has nothing to do with half-eaten apples! For those of you who have experienced a sore back due to poor muscle tone, or who fancy a stronger, flatter tummy, this is the class for you. With a focus on connecting the pelvic floor, this class compliments the higher intensity classes beautifully.

Feeling Strong

Are you keen to increase your overall strength? Resist osteoporosis? Strengthen your joints? Reduce the likelihood of a fall? If so, then this class is for you! Each class consists of exercises, utilising various equipment that will challenge your muscles accordingly. Each exercise is modifiable, and you will never be pushed beyond your own limits. You will be pushed!

Five Minutes of Fitness

Get bored easily?! Then, this is the class for you! Every five minutes, exercises are changed, equipment is changed, and/or the muscle group being worked is changed.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

This class is 30 minutes of metabolism-boosting, high energy moves! HIIT has been scientifically proven to be the most effective way to lose weight and rev up your body’s fat-burning ability. Classes vary from week to week, so you are never sure what you’re going to get. But, you can be sure to get a comprehensive and exhausting workout!


“I love Tabata”, said no one EVER! Based on the high-intensity interval training, Tabata principle of moderate bursts of high energy and is followed by short periods of rest. This training style is designed to greatly increase fitness and maximise thermogenesis (heat producing, thus fat-burning). Thank you, Mr Tabata!


Yes, indeed! You will be pumped to do this class once you’ve tried it! Utilising our new pump bars with a weight that’s suitable for you, this class will raise your heart rate, increase muscle fibre growth, and help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Total Body Conditioning

Want your best bikini body ever? While we could never guarantee that you will be snapped up by a modelling agency after doing one class, we can pretty much guarantee that you will feel the burn and get results! This class will boost your body’s thermogenesis (heat raising, thus fat-burning capacity) and help tone, shape, and sculpt all over.

Step n’ Pump

Do you find yourself wanting to use the stairs rather than the escalators? Do you enjoy lifting and carrying? Then, this is the class for you! This high-energy workout utilises a step in conjunction with weights (barbell and/or dumbbells) to push your body to the limit and increase fitness and strength exponentially.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This style of Yoga involves a series of fluid movements that keep in time with the breath, to create heat in the body, as well as help stretch and release the muscles, hone your focus and find your inner peace. 

Nutritional Advice, Different Kinds of Therapy, and More

Nutritional advice is where the client is provided with information on relevant nutrients, both macro and micro, relating to the client's disease, condition, and/or disease that is based on unbiased scientific research.

I do not subscribe to one particular diet as I don't believe that everybody is the same. Additionally, I am very happy to research diets when I am unsure.

Mineral therapy is an extension of nutritional advice where specific minerals are recommended to the client to aid healing. All information is based on scientific research.

Herbal therapy is a form of natural medicine where the unique properties of specific herbs are used to support healing. This form of medicine is still, scientifically speaking, in its infancy, therefore many herbs are recommended due to their traditional applications. Many herbs have been rigorously tested, however, confirming that traditionally they are relevant and extremely beneficial.

When working on the client's health plan, I may suggest a herbal formula that I will make up in my clinic or a herbal supplement that I may need to order. I may also recommend including specific herbs into your diet and/or herbal teas.

Flower essences are a form of homeopathy. They work on an energetic level, healing the client through shifts in energy. Flower essences are particularly useful for the client who has deep-seated emotional issues and/or is very guarded, and reluctant to heal for whatever reason.

I offer basic massage therapy, including helping the client with tightness and stiffness through the back and shoulders. Also, I specialise in foot massage where I will soak the client's feet in a magnesium solution and then use relevant essential oils mixed with a natural carrier oil such as sweet almond oil.

When appropriate, I will counsel the client in various health-related issues whilst massaging. Iridology is an adjunct to taking a client's health history and observing physical signs and symptoms. The iris is 'read' like a map and correlations are made with the information given by the client.

Iridology is based on the fact that the optic nerve communicates directly with the brain, and vice-versa, giving the reader vital information that can help in the formulation of a health plan.

Many GPs in Germany use iridology to help them to diagnose more effectively. (Please note that I am not qualified to diagnose, but I am qualified to identify body systems affected and suggest possible conditions and/or disease states.)

Lifestyle advice includes counselling the client on positive changes that they may be able to make to improve their health through mindfulness and little tweaks to their current lifestyle.

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